Friday, 16 January 2015

Artist Residency Update

Today I went to Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport to introduce myself as the Artist in Residence to the staff and flying schools based at the airport. It was

Having been a pilot based at the airport the visit immediately brought back lovely memories of flying, friendships and pilot's banter. Naturally some things have changed, and others still the same. Part of me wanted to see it as it was when I was flying from there, so felt a bit of sadness that it was not what I was expecting. But life must go on.

I first went to see Alistaire MacKinnon, Operations Manager, he introduced me to the office staff then we went to the ATC (Air Traffic Control) to see Tony, the Air Traffic Controller.

View from ATC looking South

Then I went visiting the Flying Schools around the airport, and it was nice to see that there are many including a microlight flying school. I also visited the Cafe and introduced myself to the lovely staff at the cafe, unfortunately I didn't have the time but those bacon and egg butties just looked and smelled divine!

I did get one little surprise which made me smile when an aircraft, a PA 28, landed and taxied to the apron by ATC. It was the beautiful G-OAAA!! I used to fly it from the airport, and always had trouble when communicating with ATC in counting how many Alfa Alfa Alfa did I say!! :) And here it is , the red one

Now, I can't wait to get my sketching and art work materials down to the airport and start working :)

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