Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Today's art class at the Art Shed: Choosing the right paper

In today's art class students learned first of all about how paper is made. The importance of choosing the right paper and with the right surface texture for the art project.

We looked at this video from St Cuthberts Paper Mill:

Choosing the right paper for an art project is a key success factor. Papers come in all sizes, textures and even colours, so where do you start?

I teach my students to differentiate first of all whether their project is dry media only or mixed media involving watercolours. This then helps them to narrow down their choice.

For dry media working with coloured pencils I recommend the following:

  • St Cuthberts Mill papers: Hot Pressed Bockingford and Sanders Waterford in its various weights and sizes
  • Winsor & Newton cartridge paper in the medium, smooth, and Bristol Board surface textures
  • Any good quality cartridge paper for sketching and practising

When working in mixed media style, e.g. watercolours and coloured pencils:
  • St Cuthberts Mill papers: Hot Pressed or Cold Pressed (Not) Bockingford and Sanders Waterford in the heavier weights, size according to the needs of the project

    Obviously this is a personal choice, but I found my students benefit from having a starting point with choice of paper, this then enables them to confidently explore other papers.

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