Sunday, 28 June 2015

A pencil poem by Cathy Bryant

Cathy Bryant, lovely friend, was inspired to write this poem about pencils. I love the analogy between life and the humble pencil.


Life is like a pencil - excitingly long
or worryingly short.
It takes you on journeys
or lies neglected.
It can be full of bright colour and wild shades
or shadowed with subtle chiaroscuro nuances,
and beautiful in myriad ways.

Sometimes there is no point,
or that's how it feels -
and you have to stop, take time,
and sharpen up before carrying on.

Sometimes when things seemed blank
and uninspired, small touches
make all the difference -
a little more passion or some gentle shade.
It may seem ordinary and basic,
but the most amazing things can be created.
Your life is never pointless.
There are always new ways to draw it,
to pick up the pencil and have a go.

Cathy Bryant

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