Thursday, 16 July 2015

Does it matter how we make art?

If Michael Angelo or Raphael had at their disposal half of what we have these days in terms of paints, tools, brushes, methods of projecting images, digital cameras, not to mention the Internet!!

What I am trying to say is its time to remove the stigmas surrounding the use of non conventional methods of making art: transferring of images, printing pictures to work from, using rulers and other tools, using light boxes and so on. There is nothing wrong with any method of art making, if it is what you like to do then do it.

Making art is a personal activity and a journey of self discovery, there are many paths to your goal you choose how to travel. By all means learn from other travels, share their journey and let others share your too. But always maintain your individuality and your vision.

Don't make the journey arduous by trying to move at 60 mph!! Enjoy what you do and take the time to appreciate your creations. Try new techniques, new mediums or new tools, make it a pleasure not a punishment. 

Take your art journey to any level you like, its not about reaching the highest levels. Its about satisfying your inner artist, not pleasing others.

Happy art making :)

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