Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Starting an acrylic painting - Bearded iris

I rarely like to paint directly onto white canvas. I have to 'desecrate' it first by putting on the first ground wash or colour. then I feel happy that the white canvas is no longer intimidating! In this case I used Payne's Grey and Burnt Sienna and added Titanium White to get a mid blue-grey as the first ground colour.

This is a painting I am working on but it has also doubled as a tutorial for my Tuesday Art Class. Acrylic on canvas. we talked about types of canvas and selecting the right canvas for the job, managing an acrylic palette (stay wet etc.), the benefits of mixing paint directly on the canvas, use of flow enhancers to enable the paint to be spread easily and so on.

So I started the painting with my students observing the techniques of paint application. I explained the use of complimentary colours to create contrast and interest. With me its often a case drawing with paint to start with to set out the elements of the painting, develop a feel for the subject, and check the planned composition will work 

I will post more progress pictures and explanation as the painting develops.

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