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Ground Checks: Tornado

The RAF’s Tornado is one of my favourite fighter aircraft. I love its sleek lines and imposing presence. I had the opportunities to visit numerous RAF Stations and had the chance to sit in a Tornado.

This oil painting is my tribute to the Tornado. Credit for the image which I am working from goes to Cathy Lovell who kindly gave the photo and permission to use for a painting. Thank you Cathy! 

When I paint aviation subjects I like to do them in a painterly way rather than illustrative. In these days of computers and digital apps, it is easy to lose one’s way and rely on the machines. 

Initial sketch

I started with the background putting an initial tone

At this tage I blocked in the foreground and did more on the sky

Next I started painting the Tornado and the Ground Crew

Here I started developing the shape of the aircraft by blocking in the shadows

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